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Why Soy Wax?

Bottom line, soy wax burns clean. You may not realize it, but paraffin wax (found in many commercial candles) is pretty toxic. It’s the by-product of petroleum refining used to make gasoline-yikes! This is why you will notice soot forming on the side of your paraffin candle or even on your walls/ceilings. Also, many paraffin candles have toxic additives used in the wax to give it a smooth appearance while it burns. There are no additives in our wax. It’s 100% pure soy. Because of that, let’s be very clear-soy wax has a mind of it’s own. It can form lumps & bumps, but you just gotta “let it do what it do”. It doesn’t affect the quality of the candle.


Why is Phthalate-Free so Important?

Phthalates are toxic, the end. Phthalates are used in fragrances to give them a stronger smell. So while candles with phthalate fragrances may smell great, it’s not so great for your lungs…or your kidneys…or your liver. Because we use phthalate-free fragrances, you’ll notice that you have a more subtle fragrance. Your lungs (and your whole body) will thank you.


I’ve been burning my candle for 15 mins and can’t smell anything

Be patient, friend. It takes at least 20-30 mins for the fragrance to start dispersing in a room. Also, keep in mind the size of the candle compared to your room size. Our candle tins work well in medium sized rooms. For larger rooms, you will need more than one.


Candle Tips

  • Ensure your 1st burn is for at least 3 hours or until wax pool reaches the edge of the candle tin. If you don’t do this, you will end up with a tunnel after every burn and have wasted wax.
  • It takes 20-30 mins of burn time for the fragrance to start dispersing in the air.
  • Never blow out your candle. This causes excess carbon from the wick to blow in air ruining your fragrance. It’s also dangerous because the flame can blow back in your face. Instead use a snuffer or take a flat edge screwdriver or butter knife and dip the wick into the wax and raise it back out.
  • Trim your wick a little before each burn. This helps with excess carbon buildup in the wick and allows the fragrance to burn better (don’t trim too much).
  • Read the bottom of your candle tin for additional instructions.


What the heck is a reed diffuser?

Your new best friend. Want to fill your room with an amazing scent without the hassle of burning a candle? Get yourself a reed diffuser. The rattan reeds absorb the fragrance oil and disperse into the air continuously, so you’ll always have a wonderfully fragrant room. Just flip the reeds every week or so to keep the fragrance going. They last 3-6 months. Plus the fabulous cobalt blue bottle makes a great accessory piece in any room. Works best in small and medium sized rooms. For large rooms, more than one is needed.


Reed Diffuser Tips

  • Place diffuser on a flat surface away from air vents and windows (the excess air will dry out the reeds).
  • It may take several hours for the fragrance to travel up the reeds and start dispersing in the air. Please be patient, it’s worth the wait.
  • Flip reeds every week or so to help disperse the fragrance.
  • Read the bottom of your reed diffuser bottle for additional instructions.


Do you do wholesale orders?

Absolutely! Just email us at with details of your inquiry and we’ll provide you with the wholesale guidelines.


Can you send my items as a gift to someone?

Of course! If you want us to personalize a note, just fill out the notes section in your order with the specific wording you would like us to use.


Will I be charged sales tax?

Only if you live in California


I have additional questions

No problem, friend! Just contact us at